Wolverine Wrestling Club



Wolverine Wrestling Club LLC
PO Box 7896
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48107




Rules and Policies:
Wolverine Wrestling club will comply with all generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).  The club will maintain pro forma income statements and balance sheets.
The club will maintain a business checking account with regards to payments and deposits of Wolverine Wrestling Club’s liabilities and assets.  All funds will be maintained separately from any and all University accounts.

Payments will be accepted via check. Payments are to be paid in advance of membership to club.  Payment plans will be available on a case by case basis. Members may bank up to 20% of any given season sessions, to be applied to the next season. These banked sessions only apply to other sporting event conflicts and drivers education.

Membership is limited to a 50-mile radius from Ann Arbor Michigan.  Membership information will be maintained on file with club director.  Club Director will investigate any questions to 50-mile rule from downtown Ann Arbor to the home address in question. Permanent home address information to be used as the source of verification.

All member personal, medical information and liability waivers will be maintained with the Club Director.  Club will notify parent(s) of any injuries while under supervision of Wolverine Wrestling Club.  Club will maintain authorization to seek medical treatment in case of emergencies.

The Clubs will maintain two distinct age groups: 8th grade and younger (Jr. Wolverine Wrestling Club) and 9th grade and above (Wolverine Wrestling Club).  All 9-12 grade members will follow University of Michigan compliance procedures and policies. 

Wolverine Wrestling Club will allow membership to athletes with college eligibility as well as those athletes without college eligibility during the institutional summer vacation period.

Club may execute option to pay some travel expenses to members for State and National Tournaments.



For more information, contact:
Jim Mason - Club Director - 734.216.6459 • jmason@cac.net